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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Creativity is... Amazing mash-ups

Creativity is my thing. I've come to embrace the fact that my brain is wired to see things creatively, to create the tangible from the intangible, to bask in creative adventures.

I consider myself a creativity curator and I approach this blog in that way.

For the untrained eye, the posts I share here may seem really random, but there is a method to the "madness."

Take this video for example. When I watched this video, my first reaction was "OMG I love the creativity! Look how they combined two or three seemingly disparate forms of creative expression and combined them together!!"

Translation: Creativity is...amazing mash-ups!

What are you mashing-up today?

Estella Banks

Chief Creative Officer
Inspiring, Nurturing, Sharing Creativity

Monday, January 15, 2018

Never underestimate the power of a hand crafted and hand written Thank You note

The innocuous thank you note.

Many of us don't give it much thought. Some feel that a telephone call or text message or other digital form of communication is good enough... and this may be true. It is awesome to be acknowledged for a gift or a deed that has been done, no matter how that message is received. Digital forms of communication these days are so fleeting, though.  Some messages are so transient, they disappear as soon as you have read them... never to be thought of again! 

And then there are the personalized, hand crafted, hand written gems. I made this card in preparation for a class I held many years ago (likely sometime in 2009 or early 2010).  The background was created with a captivating technique called polished stone. The stamp set (now long ago retired) was one of my favorites at the time.  It was probably one of my midnight masterpieces (because the best class preparation happens after midnight)!  

So I used it in March of 2010 to write a message of gratitude to my dear friend and partner-in-crime, Charline (see image).  I met Charline in 2005 when we were teamed up by our Pastor to create a unique real estate event for our congregants. Little did Pastor Ed (now Bishop Ed) know that we would go on to create an unforgettable Real Estate Fair and we became fast friends. We have gone on to collaborate on other projects and events and I truly treasure her friendship!
Charline (left) and I after lunch this past Sunday. (Jan. 2018)
I wish I could remember what specifically motivated me to write that thank you note to Charline in March of 2010, but I do know this:  Charline cherished this note. Want to know how I know?  On January 12, 2018, my dear friend Charline read to me the note that she had just put her hands on a few moments before I called her. Eight. Years. Later. I don't know many text messages that would have lasted that long!

As we enter the 2nd half of January, also known as National Thank You Month, I hope our story has inspired to write a thank you note or two and perhaps even make a hand crafted thank you note. I found this great article on the Huffington Post blog with some tips on writing great thank you notes:  How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note.

Never underestimate the power of a hand crafted and hand written Thank You note. Maybe in a few years, someone will read back to you your words of gratitude.

Estella Banks

Chief Creative Officer
Inspiring, Nurturing, Sharing Creativity

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