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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Resolves & Happy New Year!!

The year is only a few days old... how are you going to make it count this year?

Project Idea
I've started a Vision & Goals Book. It's similar to a Vision Board or Dream Board. The idea is to collect images (photos, magazine cut-outs, etc.) showing the end-result of one (or more) of your goals. For example, if your goal is to get fit and healthy, find a photo of yourself (or someone who looks like you) when you are at your desired "peak" (for me that was in my 20s!). Arrange your photos on a scrapbook page, in a mini-album you can carry in your work bag, in a frame, on a mirror... where-ever you will look at it regularly... your brain will start to believe the images you present and after a while, subconsciously, you’re working towards the achievement of your desired image! Not magic, just a bit of psychology!

I will be sharing pages from my Vision/Goals Book and information about setting SMART Goals over the next few days. Part of the goal-setting process is to share your goals with someone or a couple of people close to you who will help you remember your goals when your behavior seems to be off-track! I realize that by opening up the pages of my Vision/Goals Book to you, that you will become a part of my "accountability team." Please be gentle with me. :-) I pray you will commit to setting and achieving some worthwhile goals and that this project will impact your life for years to come!

So who will join me? Make an appointment with me today to get started creating your Vision Book and achieving your goals.

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