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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Created for a Purpose

Hello again!

Since we are discussing the subject of casting your vision and writing your goals... there are some related topics that will be food for thought for your vision & goals book.

Created for a Purpose
Did you know that you were created for a purpose? Your very existence and the reason you were created is an answer to someone's prayer! If you are curious, you can read more about that here, especially 13-16. Our lives are important and must not be wasted! You may be wrestling with this very question right now as you read this.

You're probably thinking...
... there must be more to life than this!?
... how does what I'm doing matter in the big picture?
... why am I here again?
... what IS my purpose?

Here are some clues to your purpose... If you're feeling restless in your current situation, what do you dream about doing? Another way to know what your purpose is... think about what angers/frustrates you to the point that you want to make a difference & change the situation. These are two clues to what you were designed to do. You have probably had many opportunities to build skills that are critical to the achievement of your purpose. Your current job may or may not be your purpose.

Defining your vision and setting your goals are closely tied to your purpose.

Get to know your Creator personally ... He has big plans for you.

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